JP has been a published author for more than 20 years, with over 450 articles and 25+ magazine covers to his credit. He has written extensively in the automotive and public safety fields, and is the automotive dynamics and training expert for both Law Officer Magazine and the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. JP has also been the Managing Editor of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, and the Editor of Police Magazine. He is highly experienced in all aspects of story development, magazine operations, layout and design, and editorial content. The editorial links below represent only a fraction of the editorial content JP has produced over the years. Click on the links below to access sample web versions of printed editorial.

Law Officer Magazine - Sample Editorial

Cruiser Common Sense

Strategies to help keep you alive behind the wheel.

Road Tested

The Annual Michigan State Police Vehicle Evaluation provides valuable insight.

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services Magazine - Sample Editorial

How to Stay Safe and Avoid Crashes

Implement these tips for a safe driving experience

Winter Driving Tips

Know your vehicles capabilities before heading out into bad weather

You can read the web versions of all of JP's articles in JEMS Magazine by visiting: