"JP was a great asset to our program for the past two years. He consistently helped us achieve our stated program objectives, provided much needed feedback and professional insight, and was also wonderful to work with on a personal level."
                    Keven McDonald - Director - Mobile Marketing - Hankook Tire, USA

"JP Molnar has been a huge asset for Vanda Racing's Zero, Nada, None under 21 Alcohol Awareness Program.  His personality and tremendous speaking abilities have allowed us a continued growth in educating
Arizona teenagers in the ramifications of using alcohol at an early age.  JP is always very professional as he represents not only Vanda Racing but also our program sponsors which include the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Arizona SADD, and Motorola."

Dave Larson, President and Founder - Vanda Racing/Zero Nada None #21

"JP has proven himself to be an excellent instructor, who manages his classroom audience with ease and professionalism.He has always received the highest evaluations from the police academy cadets.  I have found his teaching style to be the epitome of what a college professor’s should be.  JP is approachable and thorough in getting his students to digest the material presented. He is task oriented as well as a global thinker.  His professional demeanor allows him to work with diverse constituencies.  JP is viewed locally, regionally and nationally as an expert and a leader in his field.   He involves his students in the learning process, giving them the best possible education and training.  He understands the importance of, and practices the principles of, academic integrity, professional ethics and officer safety.  JP strives for maximization of efficiency and effectiveness.  He readily takes on new tasks and assignments and carries them to fruition.  He appropriately views instruction of the students we serve as the most important function of higher education and basic police academy training.These characteristics and many others give me cause to give JP the highest possible recommendation."

Commander Katie Durbin, Western Nevada Peace Officer Academy

"JP has been  instrumental in enhancing and standardizing curriculum and instructional processes for both our Behind the Wheel and Level 2 Advanced Defensive Driving novice programs. He has been responsible for the management of instructors and projects and has carried out those responsibilities effectively and efficiently. He also provided input and enhancements to key marketing campaigns for both the corporate and novice programs. He is well respected in our organization.  would highly recommend John for any position as he is a dedicated and resourceful employee willing to contribute in any way possible to make the organization successful."
Maria A. Wojtczak, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Driving MBA

JP Molnar