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JP Molnar has been conducting automotive sales and training programs, as well as consumer product learning experiences since 1991. He has worked in all aspects of program development from idea generation, pre-testing and competitive analysis to project implementation, instruction and team management. Some highlights include:
  • Educating over 40,000 dealership personnel on enhancing and integrating the sales, service and parts process, improving customer satisfaction and elevating the overall sales experience by applying corporate training philosophies.
  • Conducted workshops with Sales Managers to develop and improve consumer learning process, Features/Advantages/Benefits (FAB) integration and customer relations skills.
  • Featured spokesperson in numerous corporate product training videos designed to enhance product knowledge and sales techniques at the dealership level
  • Implemented one-on-one consumer sales programs for high-end corporate clients with direct training experience with more than 20,000 consumers.
  • Team leader for numerous training programs managing 5-25 personnel, travel and multiple venues across the U.S.A. Traveled extensively throughout the U.S.A. to implement sales training and customer relations strategy programs.


2017 - 2012 - Certified Volkswagen Sales Trainer - Volkswagen Elite Sales Training Program:

Multi-year training program to deliver comprehensive sales process classroom training and  in-dealership sales coaching to 600+ dealers nationwide.

Directly responsible for instruction and in-dealership performance coaching for VEST (Volkswagen Elite Sales Training) certification program involving Volkswagen dealers in North America and their sales consultants.

Member of curriculum steering committee and new-hire performance evaluation team

Developed curriculum for VEST program

Product immersion trainer for regional dealer networks targeted at identifying brand strengths verses leading market competitors

A VEST performance audit conducted by Volkswagen comparing 1000+ graduates against more than 3000 Volkswagen non-VEST sales associates and consultants determined:
1. VEST graduates sold more than 45% more vehicles than a non-VEST associate with similar time at the dealership

2. VEST graduates sold approximately 33% more vehicles after graduating from the program.

3. VEST graduates scored higher on new customer sales experience surveys than non-VEST associates.

4. Sales Consultant turnover within the first year plummeted with VEST participation from a non-VEST level of 110% to 47%, almost half the industry norm.

5. 93% of all VEST graduates state they would recommend the program to colleagues.

2017-2014 - Primary Product Launch Trainer/Pro Driver - Volkswagen E-Golf

Responsible for delivering all phases of current E-Golf product launch training to Volkswagen Sales, Service and Technical dealership personnel at market-specific learning centers nationwide. Currently teach multiple modules over multiple days with attendees.

2016 - Product Launch Trainer - Volkswagen All Track Wagon

Responsible for delivering all phases of in-dealership product launch training for the Volkswagen All Track Wagon at multiple dealerships in AZ, NV, CA and Hawaii over a multi-week period.

2015 - Product Launch Trainer - Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition

Responsible for delivering all phases of in-dealership product launch training for the Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition at multiple dealerships in AZ, NV, CA and Texas, over a multi-week period.

2014 - Product Launch Trainer/Pro Driver - Volkswagen Golf/GTI

Responsible for both on-track and in-classroom module delivery for nationwide product launch of the Mark VII Golf and GTI. Member of West Coast Tour that traveled from Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA over a 7-week period. Taught between 8-10 modules a day. 

2012 - 2011 -  Pro Driver/Product Spokesman/Trainer - Hankook Tire, USA

JP successfully completes 2 year, 50+ city training program as the principal facilitator for Hankook Tire's Performance Tire Ride & Drive program throughout the USA!

  • Conducted training in more than 50 cities while traveling through more than 40 states with thousands of participants.
  • Responsible for all aspects of program including site logistics, track set-up, tent set-up, vehicle maintenance, direct instruction, travel and program facilitation

  • Product training program highlighting Hankook's Ventus Performance Tire Line!Performance tire evaluation course with two, track-prepped Mustang GT's!

For more information on current and past corporate training projects, contact:
JP Molnar